Hellhound Gang

sTREETgANG405Hellhounds.jpgh3. Highlights

  • Gang Type: Go-gang
  • Original Location: Intercity 405/Bellevue
  • Business: smuggling and mindless violence
  • Colors: Red and Orange
  • Race: Human
  • Leader: Roy Ciragan
  • Second: Sliver


One of the bigger go-gangs in the ‘plex, the 405 Hellhounds (named after their founder’s favorite pets) are mostly in the business of smuggling and mindless violence. Actually, they’re mostly into the mindless violence; smuggling just helps to pay the repair bills and keep them in ammo and non-blood-spattering entertainment. The ’Hounds can usually be found along their claimed stretch of roadway, fighting it out with a rival gang or even soldiers from Fort Lewis, or just terrorizing passing drivers.

Recent activities

They have a new leader who is moving the gang in new directions. In recent months the hellhounds have begun branching out from a go gang into a full turf gang. In order to do this they have begun carving out their own turf from other gangs. Their first target proved a push over and now they are making their way into DRM land.

Hellhound Gang

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