House Rules

Adventure Logs

  • Players are asked to write journal entries summarizing sessions and down time from the characters perspective (in the character’s voice) between karma awards. This is the method by which karma will be spent between sessions. Downtime is considered time between “jobs” or on going events.

Missing Sessions

  • When players are unavailable for a session during an on going episode their character will remain in play, but will take a secondary role. This will put more value on the present players’ characters by design.
  • Characters without players in an active episode will be played “by committee” to attempt to maintain character personality whenever possible.
  • It is preferred that players let the GM know ahead of time when they will not be available if possible.
  • Players unavailable between episodes will have their characters “off doing something else” or “unavailable”. The rest of the team will have to decide how and if those characters are brought back in for pay or different pay upon the players return.

Skills Tests

  • Defaulting on a skill has a -2 dice pool modifier.
  • For good or ill the optional rule to purchase successes [4 dice = 1 hit] is available for any dice test and not just the unopposed tests. Use as you see fit.

Teamwork Tests

  • With a good explanation/description (and GM approval) a player can have their character use a different skill during teamwork test.


  • Armor Degradation – Modern body armor is designed to stop damaging attacks, but this often means the armor itself is damaged in the process. Any time an attack that causes Physical damage penetrates a character’s armor (i.e., the damage is not downgraded to Stun damage, per the rules on p. 160, SR4A), reduce the appropriate armor rating by 1.
  • Death: Is a real possibility in Shadowrun. It is a rough world living SINless and free. Along with the normal rules of burning Edge a player can also choose to burn 10 unspent Karma to avoid permanent death. Additionally, if a character doesn’t have the full amount of karma needed they can take a negative quality [At character creation values] equal to or more than the karma balance agreed upon by the player and GM. Finally, other payment methods can be discussed between sessions as needed. The GM as always has final say in these matters.


Karma → Nuyen or Nuyen → Karma Conversion Rules:

  • Nuyen or Karma can be converted to the other during down time.
  • 1 Karma can be gained at the expense of 5000 Nuyen.
  • 5000 Nuyen can be gained at the expense of 1 Karma
  • This conversion requires a good story during downtime to be permitted.
  • Each transaction must be approved by Game Master.
  • Game Master is the final arbitrator of how much can converted each time.

House Rules

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