DRM Gang

DRM (Dead Roads Ministry)

  • Location: Bargain Basement Seattle
  • Colors: Black and Dark Blue
  • Races: Mostly Humans, all Meta welcome
  • The gang maintains several blocks of Bargain Basement

This group or organization as they sometimes refer to themselves is run by Reverend Dimitri a traditionalist and no nonsense man with a history of level headed violence. Their titles resemble that of a church community, but don’t let that fool you into some sense of security. He has the fear and respect of all his followers and those the DRM protect in their section of Bellevue/Redmond. Dimitri’s right hand man is Lucian. Very little is known about Lucian other than he is always nearby and always armed. He hasn’t lost a gunfight or quickdraw yet.

Known gang classification/slang

  • Boss : Reverend
  • The Underboss : Minister
  • The Consigliere : Father (or Mother if female)
  • A Lieutenant : Deacon
  • A Sub-Lieutenant : Devout
  • A Soldier : Brother or Sister depending on gender.
  • Friar : Free Operative of the gang without a home that travels around encouraging membership.

DRM Gang

Legacies: Shadow Generations Talonious Talonious