Richard Wallace (Rickets)

31 Year old, male, Dwarf,


A = Resources -450K
B = Dwarf
C = Attributes -16
D = Skills -28/2
E = Magic -N/A

Body 4
Agility 4
Reaction 4
Strength 4
Essence 3.48

Willpower 4
Logic 5
Intuition 3
Charisma 3
Edge 5

Initiative 7 +1d6
Matrix Initiative ??

Memory 9
Composure 7
Judge Intentions 6

Lift/Carry 8
Movement -W 8 -R 16/int
Limits -Phy 3 -Men 6 -Soc 4

Active Skills:

Mechanics group -Logic / 2 / 7
- Aeronautics
- Automotive
- Industrial
- Nautical

Firearms: – Automatics -Agility / 1 / 5
Firearms: – Long Arms -Agility / 1 / 5
Firearms: – Pistols -Agility / 1 / 5

Electronics – Computer -Logic / 2 / 7
Electronics – Software -Logic / 2 / 7
Electronics – Hardware -Logic / 2 / 7

Electronics Warefare -Intuition / 5 / 8
Navigation -Intuition / 1 / 4
Pilot-Ground -Reaction / 3 / 7
Pilot-air -Reaction / 4 / 8
Perception -Intuition / 2 / 5
Gunnery -Agility / 2 / 6
Dodge -Reaction / 1 / 5

Knowledge Skills:

Security Procedures|Ares -Logic / 3|5 / 8|10
English Language -NATIVE
Magic Theory|Spirit Mentors -Logic / 2|4 / 7|9
Japanese Language -Logic /3/8
Aeres Macrotech|Ares Arms -Logic / 2|4 / 7|9
History|The Awakening -Logic / 2|4 / 7|9
Civil Engineering -Logic / 2 / 7
Gaming|SciFi Sims -Logic / 2|4 / 7|9


+ Photographic Memory
+ Guts
- Dependant -Younger Sister (Jennifer, 19, Magically Actove)
- SINner -Ares Macrotechnology

Augmentations: (All Alphaware)

Control Rig -Rtng 2
Data Jack
Transciever Radio

Weapon: -Ruger Super Warhawk
Armor: -Armored Jacket (12)

Vehicle: GMC Bulldog Security Step Van (Rigger & Remote adapted)
– Hunter Drone (Rotar) w/2 Uzi III & Uzi Targeting Package
– Spotter Drone
– Surveilance Drone
– Patrol Tank drone (Ground)


- 1 box of 100 heavy pistol rounds
- 1 box of 100 heavy pistol explosive rounds
- 1 box of 100 heavy pistol APDS rounds
- 1 box of 100 heavy pistol gel rounds

- 2 belts of 500 Uzi III rounds
- 2 belts of 500 Uzi III explosive rounds
- 2 belts of 500 Uzi III APDS rounds

Repair Items

- Repair Facility (In the DRM Barrens Territory)
- Repair Shop )Built into the GMC Van)
- Portable Repair Kit (On his person)

Other Gear

- Fake Credstick/ID -Rating 4
- Certified Credstick (4998 NuYen)
- Remote Control Deck -Rating 6


- Bonnie = repair facility manager = C 2 L 3 (Meta Race ??)
- Bubba Joe = repair facility megchanic = C 2 L 1 (Meta Race ??)
- Mr. Black = Street Doc (Runs a local body shop) = C 2 L 1 (Meta Race ??)
- As yet unnamed) = Fixer = C 3 L 1 (Meta Race ??)


Growing up as the Dwarven son of two Human uppity ups within Ares Corp had its perks.

Going to the finest corporate education facilities, discovering a talent for tinkering with and controlling the finest remote weaponry tech available within RD was huge.
As a corporate security rigger he had seen the worst side of his corporation. He has seen all the latest tech being used against men and women, some innocent and some not.

As his contract solidly prohibited him from reporting any of this to anyone, the corp was slowly eating away at his soul.

He began taking evening trips outside of the Ares Archology, and skirting the border of the barons, visiting many bars, clubs, and game shops looking for escape.

At one of these shops he met a rather large troll ganger. The two stuck up a conversation on the latest hot sim game and instantly became friends. So much so, that when the young corporate type made a faux pas, insulting another of the troll’s gang friends, the Troll stood up for his new Dwarven friend, and a bond formed and continued to frow from that day on, which would change his life forever.

One day while chasing some Shadowrunners trying to escape after an illegal visit on corp property, his Ares van was riveted with bullets and he nearly got himself killed. That’s when he had an epiphany.

A van similar to his was destroyed by the runners as a diversion. He decided to report it as his own and let the runners escape, or be picked up by other security forces. He then reached out to the only friend he had in the area, or outside the corp for that matter, and made a deal with the DRM Gang. If they would store his van and take care of it they could use it for gang business. The gang leaders leap at this, concocting additional plans of their own for the van and any information they might glean from the Dwarf. The gang was all too excited to assist him in making it look legit by beating him up and putting him almost too close to the flames of their warehouse camp fire.

The young dwarf then hobbled to an Ares checkpoint and was picked up by other members of their security force. After an extensive debriefing and a visit to the “crash site” the entire event was put into his personnel file, including a written warning to be more careful with corporate assets in the future.

After a week of unpaid leave, medical visits for wounds, and several security and physiological evaluations, he was returned to working status, but found himself demoted, and in charge of minor elevator work, which encouraged hin even more to continue planning and daydreaming about his great escape from the Ares “corp prison” with his family.

Little did he know that another individual, a former classmate while growing up, was having similar thoughts.

Richard Wallace (Rickets)

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