SR 5 Errata

This errata is temporary only, it will be superseded by the official Shadowrun, Fifth Edition errata when that is released.

Mystic Adepts

  • Power Points cost 5 Karma per point instead of 2 Karma per point, and may be purchased up to your starting magic rating.
  • Power Points are lost as normal along with Magic Rating if you lose points of Essence.
  • You do not get a Power Point automatically when you raise your Magic Rating.
  • You may gain additional Power Points by choosing to take a point during Initiation instead of a metamagic ability.

Used Cyberware

  • Used Cyberware may be purchased during character creation.
  • Any pre-owned cyberware becomes the default Used grade cyberware. There is no such thing as “used deltaware”.
    Alpha-, Beta-, and Delta-grade cyber is all custom-fitted and tailored to a specific individual, and implanting it in someone else eliminates the bonus it got for its tailored status.

Dwarven and Trolls

  • Dwarves start the game with thermographic vision. Metahuman lifestyle and gear cost modifier.
  • Dwarves and Trolls have a lifestyle modifier to represent special needs due to their sizes and physiology (20% and 100%, respectively).
  • Neither race pays additional cost to have gear customized. This is factored into lifestyles already.

Autosoft Costs

  • Availability: Rating*2
  • Cost: Rating*500¥

SR 5 Errata

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